Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Cultural Identity

            I am going to introduce my poster about My Cultural Identity.
         My original country is China, so for the Chinese part I posted a picture of dim sum. Dim sum is a kind of famous Chinese food in America, and it come from Guangdong, my hometown. In Guangdong, people usually eat din sum for breakfast. Also, Cantonese would like invite others to have a breakfast, they will eat dim sum, drink tea, chat, and have a good time. That why din sum has many kinds and so nice. As a result, dim sum has a special meaning for Cantonese.
         The place influenced me a lot is my high school. I received education, lived, and made friends there. The picture is a statue of Confucius in my school. Confucius is the symbol of Chinese education.    
         For the American part, I gave an example of Thanksgiving Day. That is my first time enjoy the Thanksgiving Day in America. I took these pictures at my aunt’s home, I ate turkey, got gifts from family, and go shopping. I deeply felt the American culture on it.
         The other thing I post is fitness. Different from China, fitness is a healthy lifestyle in America. When I was in China, I did not like to go to gym. However, after I came to this country, I became to enjoy this healthy lifestyle.                    
           Besides Chinese culture, I was influenced many American culture after I came here.


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