Thursday, February 5, 2015

Living a cultures community

          An American community is big culture diversity. The important things I learned to accept and respect the cultures from different background, language, clothing, and religions by living a multicultural country. I grew in china, by then I came to the U.S. I am alreadly  living American for four years, I was never care about my own culture, and I only cared about how I could fit in American life. In fact, I felt struggled and ashamed, I tried extremely hard to ignore my own culture that were surrounding me. After this class, I think there is agreement about accept and respect Multiracial cultures in U.S. In fact, I feel I have responsible to identity my own culture by living in the U.S. community, also I accept and respect others cultures that the cultures diversity is becoming part of my life. I also realized that we are  the " same" peoples like we alway are .

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