Tuesday, March 3, 2015

culture difference

As many people known, China is a big country, and it has bunches of culture, such as 

customs, food, art, and transportation. However, people just know about the normal festival, such 

as Chinese New Year, lantern festival and mid-autumn festival. They don’t know much about the 

ethnic festivals, so that I chose some different culture to show people what they are. Every ethnic 

festival has a long and meaningful story, but festivals are about social day in general. One that 

day, people like to flock together to do having fun and make more new friends. Moreover, it is a 

good chance to confess to lover if people have someone that they crash on for a long time. It a 

time to say that out. Food culture depends on the weather, Inner Mongolia is very cold and harsh 

place. People would make warm food to defend the cold and keep the body warm. Everybody 

knows milk tea, but people don’t know what butter tea is. So that I want to show more about 

special things to class.