Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cultural Identity

As we known, the U.S is a multicultural country, and what’s more, it is a “salad bowl”. All of the cultural diversity makes a delicious salad. It is very interesting, because we can know many difference culture here. However, what thing is shocked me is the opinion of the article People like us. David Brooks stated that the United States was not as diverse as it seems. As a whole, the country was extremely varied, however, when it was broken up into different areas and neighborhoods, the races were actually very similar. Contact to my life, I agree with him. People who come from one country live together. Sometime, it is difficult to make a deep relationship to others. So it separates which is like salad so that you can choose what you like to put in it, which I mean that you can choose which people are your friends. It’s not good if you are picky. Thus, I think I need to communicate with others to know their culture. It is a easy way to know others. From the classmates' poster, I was attracted by their culture. We talked to others to know their thought of the lives in the U.S which are different feeling. Thus, it is time to  make your “salad bowl” more kinds of ingredients!

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