Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Definition of culture consists of four areas: spiritual culture, behavior culture, institution culture and material culture. This unit talks about different races have different culture. At the beginning, different ethnic and immigration to other countries to accept their culture, who also give up their own culture. (Melting bowl) Up to now, although people immigrated to other countries, they will retain their own culture, to provide the essence of their own culture, blending together into a new culture. (Salad bowl) This is what I have never heard before, but what I learn in this chapter. Now is an era of diversity, people dating platform is coming more and more complex, cultures constantly changed. Culture absorbs the essence of other culture into a new culture, the cultural transformation of speed more and more quickly. We should adapt to the changes of the times, create more new culture. By combining different culture together, to create a new culture.

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