Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Culture Identity

Culture, in my opinion it means things that people continue to do in the same way from generation to generation. In this class I had learned about culture in many different countries from my classmate. It made me known that it important to know about other culture, because it can help us to realize reasons of things that other different people do, and it can teach us about the way in their culture which is not similar to my culture. In addition, I also had learned about the concept of melting pot and salad bowl which I never hear about it before even I lived in USA for many months. Thus, this idea made me had more understanding about life in America. This class made me wanted to know more about another different culture.   


  1. Hey it is TJ. This poster was great idea to learn other cultures. Maybe we need Salad bowl for this country for change the old boring tradition.

  2. me too I never heard about the diversity of melting pot and salad bowl since I came to united state, so I learned from this class.