Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cultural Identity

         At this lesson, I learned cultural diversity is very important to me, to my family, and everyone else. Cultural diversity should be the lesson of different countries history to the kids, not the lesson of discriminate. For instance, we are living in the United States, and we will see different people from other countries. We have been nice to the minority group people. People might learn things from others. Next, people are equal. Kids are the future, and we have the responsibility to teach them to understand that people are equal. No more fight between two different countries kids, since they understood we are the same. Another course, I understood home is everywhere until I try built it. I can build my own home at different neighborhoods, and I just need to communicate with others. People will be nice to me and communicate with me. 

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  1. Hi it is Tj. I really agree with your idea. We must take care and teach the kids.