Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cultural Identity

I learned thing from this class is living same place in the same time with differnt countries people means accepting differences and understanding what our differences are. It does not mean to think we are not same, but it means every each person makes the world. Living in the foreign country might make us to chaging the view of own country, and cultural identity sometimes. And also, it is not meaning of lost own country's way that means fit in the other or respect each other. I have been to some country before, and I realized every single country has peculiar architecture, food, manners and personality, which were different from my country. I always think when I amd in the other country that is '' when in Rome, do as Romans do'' is a way of respect and adjusts to the environment. On the other hand, people who live there are also interested in me that they are greeting in Japanese. Thus, Cultural Udentity is realizing that as menber of the country. 

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  1. Hi it is TJ. This culture identity poster was good example of respect each others.