Tuesday, March 3, 2015

culture difference

As many people known, China is a big country, and it has bunches of culture, such as 

customs, food, art, and transportation. However, people just know about the normal festival, such 

as Chinese New Year, lantern festival and mid-autumn festival. They don’t know much about the 

ethnic festivals, so that I chose some different culture to show people what they are. Every ethnic 

festival has a long and meaningful story, but festivals are about social day in general. One that 

day, people like to flock together to do having fun and make more new friends. Moreover, it is a 

good chance to confess to lover if people have someone that they crash on for a long time. It a 

time to say that out. Food culture depends on the weather, Inner Mongolia is very cold and harsh 

place. People would make warm food to defend the cold and keep the body warm. Everybody 

knows milk tea, but people don’t know what butter tea is. So that I want to show more about 

special things to class.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


                             culture identity
Culture identity has a different ways of thinking about cultural identity. The first one defines culture identity in terms of one shared culture, also different between static and dynamic ways idea culture. On the other hand people has a different culture, so they way to share with who has a different culture with them, such as foods, clothes, songs.

Monday, February 16, 2015

different cultures

In humanity class I saw different people with different culture, I learned that although we are from different country with different culture, all of us are from same point “humanity”. I saw different culture especially in poster project. I knew that all cultures are beautiful with a lot of beautiful things.Were we are from or what language we are speaking doesn’t matter the most important thing is all of us are human but with different culture and we should be respectful about all of this beautiful difference.

Friday, February 13, 2015

culture identity


   I learnt that culture identity is base on nationality, ethnicity,religon, social class some nation condition that have it own unique culture. Different culture reflect different habit of life.Different culture have different reasons For example, chinese people would like to save money because chinese national conditons is more people, but less resources. moreover , welfare system is not perfect. In contrast, American people like to save money if they have, due to people can get money from the government if they are low income. Learning culture identity can help me make more friends ,increase the knowledge of religion and so on.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Definition of culture consists of four areas: spiritual culture, behavior culture, institution culture and material culture. This unit talks about different races have different culture. At the beginning, different ethnic and immigration to other countries to accept their culture, who also give up their own culture. (Melting bowl) Up to now, although people immigrated to other countries, they will retain their own culture, to provide the essence of their own culture, blending together into a new culture. (Salad bowl) This is what I have never heard before, but what I learn in this chapter. Now is an era of diversity, people dating platform is coming more and more complex, cultures constantly changed. Culture absorbs the essence of other culture into a new culture, the cultural transformation of speed more and more quickly. We should adapt to the changes of the times, create more new culture. By combining different culture together, to create a new culture.

Cultural Identity Wrap-up (Hoyeon kang)

One thing I learned from this unit on Cultural Identity is how it is important to learn ot understand the diversity. I had a weak of thinking the idea of cultural identity and didn't recognize it and think about that much. Especially in U.S. they have so many different cultures and people from other countries. Some of them lost their identity and merge into a single culture and mix together, which is called "melting pot". However, some of them keep their own culture even though there are various cultures together. From this unit, it made me be sure and know about the cultural identity and made me think about my cultural identity and others. Now i have better acknowledge of being aware of cultural identity and accept it and understand it.