Monday, February 9, 2015

Cultural Identity

                The most important concept I got in this unite on Culture Identity is the Salad Bowl Theory and the Melting Pot Theory. The Salad Bowl Theory means that, after the people immigrated to America, they still continued to have their original culture. For example, there are many China town, Korean town, and Spanish community in the US. Also, a lot cultural characteristic restaurants and stores there. Immigrants would like to live there together. The Melting Pot Theory means the cultures come from other countries are mixed in America. The example of my cousin, she was born in America, her appearance is Chinese, but she do not speak Chinese, as well as her idea is different. She has the anther culture, the American culture. I think this concept is most important because America has a great deal of immigrate, many people live here follow the Salad Bowl Theory, another follow the Melting Pot Theory, so that is very interesting.

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