Saturday, January 31, 2015

GuangHai China

GuangHai China 
          First, I had to talk about my hometown. That’s a small town called Guang Hai, but it is a beautiful town. It was the place that I grew up. I chose those images because I missed the life that I was living at China. Those pictures reminded me a lot of memory. I have been staying around at Chicago for six year. I wonder I can spend my time with my grandparents during the Chinese New Year again. The pictures that I showed are the memory about my childhood, the famous star, and the food. 
 Mantis Shrimp
           Mantis Shrimp is my favorite seafood. When I was a child, my grandparents always cook this to me. Most locals usually fried the mantis shrimp with the garlic. I will never forget the taste that I miss. 
 Tony Leung
            Tony Leung is the most famous star. I chose him because he is so handsome. He is the part of our country POP culture. Tony was making legend with other three handsome men between 1982 until now. 
 Haiyong Wubo Park
            Haiyong Wubo Park is the most important park at my hometown. I was going to this park for field trip when I was a third grade student. The name of this park meant no more storms during the navigation. People made hopes to be safe and can be survival next to the sea.  
 Martyrs Cemetery
Martyrs Cemetery is a tomb inside the Haiyong Wubo Park. There are many soldiers tomb behind the big tombstone. Those soldiers were trying to protect this town, so after the war people made them this tomb. Teacher always told us to be proud with them. 
Spirit Lake Temple
           Spirit Lake Temple is the oldest building at my hometown. It has been going through several centuries. The monks were moving to other temple during the war. Locals were trying to keep this culture, so they were fixing and building several time. Many people will go to the temple because they trusted it might help for their health and safe. 


  1. Mantis Shrimp was my favorite food when I was living in China. I can't leave with out it.

  2. I liked the way you made the poster black with colors. I liked the natural places and the temple. I wish I can visit it one day.

  3. I liked how there is a lot of writing on the poster because it looks beautiful and colorful. I missed the Shrimp too because it is my favorite food.